Christopher, President

In 2005 Christopher Conway entered the Denver Rescue Mission as a volunteer, and his life was forever changed. While serving the community of the Denver Rescue Mission, he heard a redundant theme that the population he was servicing weekly just wanted an opportunity to work. So he began to formulate an idea of how to serve the disenfranchised population through gainful employment opportunities. The result was the evolution of Spring Back Colorado, which for the past ten years has been an industry pioneer in the mattress recycling industry. Christopher saw the value proposition of offering redemptive employment opportunities to the men in transition while using a daily post- consumer product as the catalyst of a remarkable business model.   

Christopher has spent the past ten years developing and refining every aspect of the mattress recycling business model; culture, environmental stewardship, felon friendly hiring, secondary market textile product placement and long term strategic development practices. It has been an amazing journey that has filled a void within our community, provided hundreds of men with hope, employment, income, stability, and self-pride. Today Christopher spends his time growing the business model but more importantly, spending time in the warehouse pouring encouragement, hope, and love into his team of exceptional hard working men. This has allowed Spring Back Colorado to be a company that is truly serving the bottom line of People, Planet, Purpose. 


Roberto, Vice President of Operations Spring Back Central

Spending time with my children brings me the most joy. The advice I have for children is to follow the ways of the Lord, honor your mother and father, and never give up! I will spread the word of Jesus to change the world! The greatest strength I bring to Spring Back Colorado is that I have a passion for organization and detail. In a team I feel it is important to remember that there are different strengths and abilities of each individual and everyone brings value. We are all special.

Dean (Pops)

I find the most joy fishing, relaxing, and spending time with my wife. The most valuable trait I bring to Spring Back Colorado is focus (I'm not easily distracted), and productivity. When being a part of team it is important to remember you always have teammates, and that you’re in it together. If I have any advice for children today, it is to play while you’re young, and remember the harder your work, the harder you get to play!


Being with my brother and knowing he is well and taken care of brings me the most joy. Advice I have for kids is to stay focused and keep doing the right things. Do the best you can with what you have. If there was anything I could change about the world it would be racism. I will keep doing the things that make teamwork grow – and be willing to do what I need to do to make the team grow and function well. The best quality I bring to Spring Back Colorado is I am reliable, trustworthy, and focused on customer service.

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