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Christopher, President

Christopher Conway founded and owned a successful residential development and custom home building company for 27 years in Boulder, CO. When the 2007 recession destroyed the housing market, Conway left his comfort zone and signed up to serve meals at the Denver Rescue Mission. He found a community at the Mission with remarkable stories about how their lives had come apart, and his life was changed. Conway felt that someone needed to help these men regain independence, pride, and hope – and soon realized that person was him. This was the beginning of Spring Back Colorado mattress recycling, which began in 2012. 


Conway provides consistent, daily mentorship and training, and oversees SBC's operations and strategic direction. His dedication, attention to details, diversified professional background, and compassion for the less fortunate make him a great fit for this enterprise. He understands how to capitalize on opportunities and anticipate the needs of a growing organization.

Roberto, Vice President of Operations Spring Back North

Spending time with my children brings me the most joy. The advice I have for children is to follow the ways of the Lord, honor your mother and father, and never give up! I will spread the word of Jesus to change the world! The greatest strength I bring to Spring Back Colorado is that I have a passion for organization and detail. In a team I feel it is important to remember that there are different strengths and abilities of each individual and everyone brings value. We are all special.

Dean (Pops)

I find the most joy fishing, relaxing, and spending time with my wife. The most valuable trait I bring to Spring Back Colorado is focus (I'm not easily distracted), and productivity. When being a part of team it is important to remember you always have teammates, and that you’re in it together. If I have any advice for children today, it is to play while you’re young, and remember the harder your work, the harder you get to play!


The journey is what inspires me – it’s not about the destination, it is about the journey. The advice I have for children is simply to stay out of trouble. Compromising yourself to be controlled by the system is never worth it. I would love to see more peace in the world. The more peace I bring, the more possibility I have to see it in the world. My greatest strengths are leadership and hard work. I like to demonstrate focus to my teammates, and it’s always important to remember it is not just you, you’re in it together!


Being with my brother and knowing he is well and taken care of brings me the most joy. Advice I have for kids is to stay focused and keep doing the right things. Do the best you can with what you have. If there was anything I could change about the world it would be racism. I will keep doing the things that make teamwork grow – and be willing to do what I need to do to make the team grow and function well. The best quality I bring to Spring Back Colorado is I am reliable, trustworthy, and focused on customer service.

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